Cocktail masterclass with Magic Mike @ Reform Social Bar & Grill

Who wouldn’t say yes to an invitation for a cocktail masterclass!? Cocktails are my absolute favourite and I am always on the lookout to discover new yummy cocktails. Although I love my wine, I truly appreciate sipping a cocktail because of the mixology, time and effort that is dedicated to creating each drink by the bartender.

I was excited when a group of bloggers were invited by the lovely Eppie to visit the Reform Social Bar & Grill at the Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone to get a sneak peak of their brand new upcoming cocktail menu!

Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by Maciek, the head bartender, and his friendly team along with a glass of prosecco and appetizers to entertain us whilst we were waiting for the cocktail masterclass to begin. It did not take long before bloggers Aftab and Seetal were on the case to begin documenting the food and drinks on offer!

Maciek, who interestingly has a background in paramedics, shares his passion for experimenting and creating innovative flavours and cocktails. He moved to the UK from Poland many years ago to pursue his passion and has since worked for a variety of reputable bars and gained plenty of inspiration for his brand new cocktail menu. The cocktails we were about to try were in fact so new that they had not even been named yet!

Gin Elderflower and Grapefruit Cocktail

The first cocktail was a gin-based cocktail consisting of homemade grapefruit cordial, a process in which the rind of the fruit is left with sugar over a period of 48 hours. This turns into a syrup, which is then added to the cocktail to add a sweet and sour flavour. Before blending the cocktail he began smoking dehydrated ginger that were placed underneath each glass to add an exotic smokey flavour. Finally, he added an elderflower shrub, topped off with ginger beer and processo.

The drink was incredibly refreshing with a subtle fizz and fruity undertones of grapefruit and elderflower. We decided to name this cocktail ‘Smokey Paradise’


Next up were refreshing lime shots, named Summer Memories, consisting of Lime juice, Falernum Liqueur, gin and Midori Melon Liqueur topped off with dehydrated lime.

Savla Faire, Connie Consumes, Eppie, Marjan, Meg, Em and Aftab. Photo courtesy of Eppie

Overall it was a great evening and I look forward to returning to Reform Social to see what new cocktails Maciek have cooked up.


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