Adobros Filipino Supper Club – Hosted by Tara Local

So the weekend was just around the corner and I did not have any plans for Saturday when I suddenly received an email invitation from Taral Local to attend a Filipino supper club hosted by the lovely Adobros, which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I have had to date.

Taral Local is a brand new app that is launching in the new year, developed by a closeknit group of travel enthusiasts. Upon their recent travels to India and the Far East, they realised that the vast majority of tours and packages offered to tourists lacked cultural authenticity, rather they were quite cliché. Personally, my favourite part about travelling is to divert from the generic touristy places and wander off to explore rusty backstreets, local restaurants and who knows what else! This is truly how you get a sense of ones city, country and culture and this is precisely the concept of Taral Local . It is a social platform that allows people to connect with locals for unique travel experiences, ranging from dining, travel to fitness – curated by locals themselves. To show us what it’s all about, they teamed up with the Adobros, to offer Londoners a unique tasting experience of the Philippines.


I had never previously been to a supper club and I never quite knew what it was. My presumption was that restaurants would host private dinner events for people. Although my guess was on the right track, it turns out that these dinner parties are actually hosted by private people, in their own residences! My first thought was

“oh… this is weird, going to a strangers house and not knowing a single person…”

When I mentioned this to my boyfriend, he immediately told me I was crazy and, I must admit that, even I had some slight reservations about it in the beginning. However, after reading reviews and doing some research, I decided to take a risk and be adventurous, why not!? After all, I had nothing to lose except for my life… 😐 Haha

Paranoia aside, I was excited to try authentic Filipino food for the first time. The Adobros are formed of two brothers Mark and Mike (aka. the bros)  with Filipino heritate and a passion for all things food. The other half of the name derives from their love of the adobo, a national Filipino chicken dish (Adobo + Bros = Adobros)

The Adobros - Mark and Mike

The Adobros – Mark (left) and Mike (right)

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Mark and welcomed into their lovely open plan kitchen and living room area, where I was offered a homemade cocktail. Whilst all the guests were arriving and getting to know each other, Mark and Mike were busy in the background setting the dinner table, cooking and preparing the first course – their signature Adobo chicken



The Adobo Chicken

First off, for a supper club consisting of 4-courses, the Adobo chicken was a generous starter! Four pieces of crispy and succulent chicken wings, glazed with Mike’s special Adobo sauce, and served on a bed of fresh green salad.  Whilst we were all digging into the chicken, I looked over my shoulder and saw that the Adobros were well underway with preparing the next course – I decided to begin pacing myself with the chicken to make way for what’s to come…


48 Hour Beef Short Rib Kare Kare

The 48 Hour Beef Short Rib Kare Kare. For those who know me, you will know that I love anything to do with peanut butter and this dish is nothing short that! The short rib was perfectly cooked and served on a bed of rich savoury peanut sauce, one of the heartiest mains I have had in a while. By this time I feel extremely full however, the Adobros have cleverly designed their menu to cleanse our paletes and to trigger our appetite before presenting the dessert.

Calamansi Slushie

The Calamansi is extensively used in Filipino cooking and it was the first time I encountered this exotic flavour. The Calamansi slushie reminds you of a lemonade but with more intense and tropical citrus flavours, a perfect and light palete cleanser before moving on to the final course.

Leche Flan

This is a Filipino version of Creme Caramel. When it first arrived to the Philippines, they decided that it was not rich enough and therefore decided to recreate the classic dessert to their liking, using condensed milk. A delicious and creamier Creme Caramel served with a tangy green mango sorbet and fried coconut curds.


This was my first supper club event and I really recommend trying this with a partner or some friends. A unique dining experience prepared by private chefs with quality food and if lucky, you can also get to know some quality people in the process 😊


I look forward to many more to come.



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